Is Coconut Water Worth all the Hype?


Coconut water is found inside the cavity of a young, unripe coconut (in contrast with coconut milk, found inside the mature fruit). The balance of electrolytes in coconut water is nearly the same as that in the human blood -- so close, in fact, that coconut water is the only natural non-blood substance that can be safely injected into the human bloodstream. Ancient peoples knew this, and sometimes used it as an emergency intravenous fluid.

Most of the time there's no need to go to such lengths: just drink it, and you'll be rewarded with 15 times as much potassium as a typical sports drink, along with potent antioxidants. And unlike sugary sports drinks coconut water is low in calories and easier to find in stores today. Although it hasn't been as hot this July as it has in the past, dehydration is very common for Dr. Tent and I to find with our patients. Summer time fatigue goes heavily missed by others during the hotter months of the summer and in worse case scenario may even mimic flu like symptoms in some people. Water alone cannot hydrate the body without salt or sugar electrolyte components. You'll hear us talking heavily about Celtic Sea Salt and coconut water the next few weeks. Dehydration symptoms include the following.

Signs of mild to moderate dehydration:


•Dry or sticky mouth

•Not urinating much

•Darker yellow urine

•Dry, cool skin


•Muscle cramps

Signs of severe dehydration:

•Not urinating, or very dark yellow or amber-colored urine

•Dry, shriveled skin

•Irritability or confusion

•Dizziness or lightheadedness

•Rapid heartbeat

•Breathing rapidly

•Sunken eyes


•Shock (lack of blood flow through the body)

•Unconsciousness or delirium

Referring back to older lectures thirst is commonly misinterpreted in the body as hunger a lot of times. Drink up and stay hydrated.
Dr. J

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