Dirty Electricity


Dirty Electricity: A form of electro pollution---refers to the high frequency voltage transients in the electrical wiring inside buildings produced by computers, dimmer switches, etc. These contaminate the standard 60 hertz electric current and create unhealthy levels of electromagnetic fields. Power quality is connected with less headaches, more energy, and lower blood sugar for diabetes.


Sources of Dirty Electricity:


-Variable speed motors

-Television sets

-Entertainment units

-Energy efficient appliances

-Energy efficient lighting

-Dimmer switches

-Power tools


-Arcing on power lines

-Loose wires or tree branches touching power lines


Is electro-pollution causing "Type 3" diabetes?

"Dirty electricity elevates blood sugar among electrically sensitive diabetics and may explain uncontrolled type 2 diabetes." -Magda Havas Trent University Ontario, Canada


Action Plan:

-Remove all cordless phones

-Disable wireless routers

-Remove cell phones and laptops from the bedroom

-Use your cell phone only when necessary

-Throw away your microwave

-Sleep on a non-metal box spring and bed frame

-Don't live near high power lines or within mile of cell phone towers

-Avoid making calls in trains, cars and boats because metal concentrates and reflects EMF

-Don't use wireless headsets---use air-tube (Blue Tube) headset or put on speaker instead

-Only undergo CT scans and X-rays when absolutely necessary

-Follow the EMF Radiation Safety Facebook page

-Join and start petitions for radiation-free schools

-Don't use the phone when the bars are low


Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 27: 135-146. 2008 dirtyelectricityusa.com/health-conditions

Source: Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution by Camilla Rees, MBA & Magda Havas, PhD

Functional Medicine University Webinar


A Partial Summary of EMR Biological Effects:

-Changes in blood sugar (Havas)

-DNA damage and disruption of DNA repair (Lai, Singh, Philips)

-Suppression of the immune system (Johansson, Nakamura, Litovitz, Veyret, Hocking, Draper)

-Disruption of normal functioning of neurological, cardiovascular and endocrine system (Lai, Salford, Becker, Cherry, Hurtado, Johansson, Karasek, Schilowsky)

-Leakage of the blood-brain barrier (Salford, Persson)

-Impaired cognitive functions (Mosgoeller, Scheiner, Lai, Becker, Cherry)

-Increased agitation, sleep disruptions and food, chemical and electro-sensitivities (Becker, Holt, Rea)

-Stress protein synthesis (body's reaction when stressed at the cellular level) (Becker, Goodman, Mosgoeller)

-Inter- and intra-cellular functions (cell membrane permeability and the cells ability to communicate with each other) (Cherry, Adey, Blackman)

Source: Radiationrescue.org

I had to blog about a webinar I had last week. EMF (electric and magnetic fields) I've always said is the new animal of today with all our new technology and gadgets. It's hard to get around all of it considering that we are walking through others Wi-Fi connections daily. Good news is that there is a way to combat this. I choose to use a Q-Link and recommend grounding/earthing to my patients. There are some supplements in the literature that show support against EMF exposure as well. Common patient symptoms that I see are sleep disruption as EMF interferes with the melatonin secretion in the brain which helps with night time sleep. Are you doing enough to protect yourself?

Dr. J

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