Is Guns or Psychiatric Drugs the Real Problem?

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Psychiatric Drugs: Create Violence and Suicide

I came across this report that I thought would be great to share. Hopefully, it would maybe help some to think twice before jumping on medications for depression or anxiety. Unfortunately, many doctors are fast to push psychiatric medications and not so quick to evaluate the whole person. With functional medicine, we want to know the root cause of a patient’s anxiety or depression. Is it a gut problem? Is it an under active thyroid or adrenal problem? B vitamin or essential fatty acid deficiency? You get the point.

It’s becoming a scary trend with the amount of younger children on psychiatric medications without truly evaluating the side effects and reactions with some of these medications. It’s always a hot topic when it comes to gun control and gun violence in our country, but why do we tend to turn a blind eye on the prescription medications that some of these individuals are on? I would like you to read and evaluate the report for yourself. Then ask yourself, “Are guns the problem or is it maybe the psychiatric medication?”

Dr. J