More than Half of Children are Dehydrated


More than half of children and adolescents aren't drinking enough water, and even mild dehydration can cause headaches, irritability, and poor physical performance and reduced cognitive functioning, a new study has found.

And it's worse for boys. Around 76 per cent are dehydrated, say researchers from Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health, who examined the records of more than 4,000 children and adolescents aged six to 19 years. Nearly one quarter of the children admitted not drinking any plain water whatsoever.

Dehydration is one of the most overlooked problems that can lead to poor health and affect school performance, say the researchers. "Even though for most of these kids this is not an immediate, dramatic health threat, this is an issue that could really be reducing quality of life and well-being for many, many children and adolescents," said lead researcher Erica Kenney.
At least the problem is easy to fix, she added.

(Source: American Journal of Public Health, 2015; e1, doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2015.302572)

The signs and symptoms of dehydration range from minor to severe and include:

      • Increased thirst

      • Dry mouth and swollen tongue

      • Weakness

      • Dizziness

      • Palpitation (feeling that the heart is jumping or pounding)

      • Confusion

      • Sluggishness fainting

      • Fainting

During the hottest days of the summer hydration can become a problem and be overlooked. Water alone will not rehydrate the body without electrolyte components of minerals and or sugar. In some people mild dehydration can be interpreted in the body as hunger or in more severe cases with flu like symptoms. Celtic salt is and easy addition to your water throughout the day to make sure you are hydrating when drinking your water. Coconut water in its pure form is another good option too. Hope your summer is going well so far.

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