Why More Pertussis (Whooping Cough)


One reason for the increased number of outbreaks of pertussis infections is that the pertussis bacteria have mutated, making the current vaccine ineffective, and the new pertussis bacteria more reactive. This may come as an expected evolution of vaccination. In a sense, this situation is similar to what happens when bacteria develop resistance to chronic antibiotic use.

When bacteria are threatened with being killed by an antibiotic or a vaccine, their DNA will mutate, often making them resistant. This allows them to survive and stay alive in response to the stress put on them by antibiotic and vaccine exposures.

Vaccines provoke an antibody reaction against bacteria, to ostensibly protect the host from getting sick if he is exposed to the pathogen. What most people may not know is pertussis bacteria may already be living on the lining of the airway when the vaccine is given. Pertussis bacteria are in the air and can colonize the airway at any age, regardless of their vaccination status. The exposure is continual, and not just from someone who is sick with confirmed pertussis. It is important to realize:


Exposure to pertussis bacteria activates the cell-mediated immune system which lines the bronchial tree. This recognition by the immune cells creates a symbiotic relationship with the pertussis bacteria, often without the occurrence of an infection. The bacteria are seen as safe, friendly and non-threatening to the body, allowing pertussis to become normal "neighbors" with the human body.

Vaccination causes the humoral immune system to develop an antibody against the pertussis bacteria peacefully colonized in the airway, counteracting the activity of the cell-mediated adaptation response. The pertussis bacteria are then threatened, attacked and even killed, threatening their ability to survive. The organisms increase their resistance and the new pertussis bacterium can cause disease. And with each additional vaccine, the cycle continues.

This is the same situation that has occurred by the drift to more serious infection by new strains (serotypes) of non-type B Haemophilus influenza bacteria, strep bacteria and now, meningiococcal (meningitis) bacteria.

Mother nature is always ahead of us. The illnesses that vaccines are supposed to prevent are occurring more frequently and in more serious forms.

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