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GlycoPlus Combo Pack Cream 15,000mg/Spray 10mL

Our Price: $653.40

Product Details

This pack is specifically designed for those who require a very aggressive approach. Using both products daily may be beneficial in delivering more GcMAF to a wider array of topical macrophage pools and other key areas across the body affected by GcMAF.  With daily supplementation both transdermally and sublingual, this multi-faceted approach may certainly be useful for areas regulated by topical factors as well as the more general functions of the greater immune/lymphatic systems.

This combo includes:

– One 15,000mg Super Strength Cream (30ml). One application = 114mg.  There are approximately 70 applications per jar.  This is by far the strongest product we sell (or any other GcMAF product available on the market).

– One 20,000ng Sublingual Spray (10ml). One spray = 286ng. There are approximately 70 sprays, per 10ml bottle. This is a smaller version of our top selling 50,000ng 25ml sublingual spray. It contains exactly the same 286ng of active bioidentical GcMAF per spray, however there are approximately 70 applications instead of 175 per bottle. The formula is sprayed directly under the tongue where it is absorbed through the tissue into the bloodstream for distribution throughout localized and connected macrophage pools. There are no additional ingredients in this spray except the natural saline solution which it is suspended in, thus making it an all-natural solution.

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