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Intestinal Support 90C - Special Order Item

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  • Food supplement that contains herbs and other glandular to support intestinal and digestive health.

Special Order Item

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Product Details

Intestines are involved in the digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as the excretion of waste.  When they are not functioning well there can be digestive problems. If they are weak, hernias and/or colorectal issues sometimes develop.

Bovine intestinal tissue provides peptides and enzymes to nutritionally support the intestines. Intestinal tissue has been used for decades to support healthy intestines. After trying for many years, Food Research was able to attain a source of bovine intestinal tissue from Australia and it is in the new Intestinal Support™ supplement.

Intestinal Support™ also contains herbs and other glandulars to support intestinal and digestive health.

The late Dr. Edward Howell speculated that the duodenal portion of the intestines plays the role of an “enzyme stomach” in humans. Major portions of digestion and nutrient absorption take place in the intestinal duodenum and ileum. Perhaps it should be mentioned that more ulcers form in the duodenum and the stomach.

We received this product a few weeks ago and have already put people with irritated bowels and weakened intestines on this product.

Clinically, Intestinal Support™  is a winner. The first person who took it, not only reported digestive improvement, she reported that the insatiable hunger she had for years (that her personal physician was never able to figure out) went away.

Food Research, International LLC, whose products we at Doctors’ Research Inc. distribute, remains the only professionally-oriented vitamin and mineral company whose products have never contained USP isolated vitamin (analogues) nor inorganic industrial chemical salts for minerals.  

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